February Releases

Fair Game – Patricia Briggs
Underwater Love – MaryJanice Davidson
A Fitting End – Melissa Bourbon
Not Wicked Enough – Carolyn Jewel
Dark Emerald – Lisa Jackson
Ai Ore! Vol. 4 – Mayu Shinjo
Otomen Vol. 12 – Aya Kanno
Sakura Hime:  The Legend of Princess Sakura Vol. 6 – Arina Tanemura
A Devil and Her Love Song Vol. 1 – Miyoshi Tomori
Dawn of the Arcana Vol. 2 – Rei Toma

Private Games – James Patterson

My Boyfriend is a Vampire Vol. 3 and 4 – Han Yu-Rang

Celebrity in Death – J.D. Robb
A Perfect Blood – Kim Harrison
The Darkest Seduction – Gena Showalter
Death Drops – Chrystle Fiedler

Babylon – Paul Kriwaczek

Sea Fire – Karen Robards
Redwood Bend – Robyn Carr
Against the Night – Kat Martin
The Husband Hunt – Lynsay Sands


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  Sara wrote @

I used to love all the J D Robb books–they were fast moving, had humor and lots of in-depth characters that interacted well with each other. Eve was edgy and passionate, and it was wonderful seeing her and Roarke develop their relationship over the years. She also had wonderful and complex stories that kept you turning the pages well into the wee hours of the morning.

This story, like too many of the recent JD Robb books (except for Treachery in Death), slow down with too many conversations between Eve and Roarke that I’ve heard many times before in so many of her other books, and with what I consider “filler” as these conversations about her child abuse just go on and on with the same conversations, and nothing fresh. It seems that more and more of these same conversations are added, and it really takes away from the books. It almost seems like she is turning these books into a rehash of her other books, which I don’t read anymore, instead of continuing with the fresh and exciting plots from the JD Robb books. If this continues, I will have to give up on this author, as so few of the recent JD Robb books have held my attention and are what I consider “keepers”, to be added to my bookshelf and read over and over again.

Not fast-paced, not a constant thrill ride, yet nevertheless a satisfying addition to the Eve and Roarke story that showcases a softer side of both characters.

Have a nice day,

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