Anime Review: Inu x Boku SS Episode 3

This episode opens with Ririchou getting ready for school and then we see her walking to her table with breakfast.  She is talking with Nobara about starting school and how she walks to put her finger up her knee highs and feel her thigh which Ririchou replies no.  Nobara is drooling over Ririchou in her dress uniform.

We see her about to have breakfast when Soushi comes over and says “there you are” while kneeling.  He thanks her for the message she sent last night.  Then he starts sparkling again and informing Ririchou that he has saved her message onto a USB and printed it out, etc. (I was laughing at this point).

Then we Ririchou at her new school in front of her locker.  There are a couple of guys talking about her and saying that her family used their influence to get her into their school, etc.  Ririchou overhears and tells them she doesn’t care what they say then leaves.

Ririchou arrives at her classroom and she hesitates opening the door when Karuto grabs her arm.  Karuto says she is in the same class when the bell rings.  Karuto grabs Ririchou’s arm and then makes a run into the classroom.

Then it’s end of the day when Ririchou walks out of the school grounds towards the entrance.  She sees Renshou and Nobaru spying on Soushi and a girl talking and kissing.  Ririchou seems jealous when Soushi sees them.  He explains that she would stop bothering him if he let her kiss him.

Ririchou and Soushi are in the elevator at the mansion when she starts saying things to him she doesn’t really mean.  She says she didn’t know he was that filthy by using the girl and treating her dishonestly.  He replies back that ever since he’s met her he was so happy and forgot about that (we see him naked, etc.).  She replies back their contract is void.  He replies back if that is what she wishes and when the elevator opens she leaves and says “very well”.  She also thanks him for all his help.

Then it’s night time and Ririchou is thinking back to her childhood again.  That everyone gave her fake smiles without any emotion but Soushi sees right through her and is kind to her with all his heart.  But he could do that without any emotions and it scared her.

The next morning Ririchou is getting ready for the day and opens the door and sees Nobara.  Nobaru starts lecturing Ririchou about wearing a bra and that she wants to help her.  Then she asks Ririchou if she wants to make a contract with her.  Ririchou thanks her but she didn’t want to have a agent.  Nobaru replies back that she did make a contract with Soushi and she hopes they make up soon.


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