Anime Review: Inu x Boku SS Episode 2

This episode opens with highlights from the first episode and Ririchou Shirakin thinking about a recent conversation she had with one of the SS guards Karuto about moving out of the mansion.

Then we see Ririchou having breakfast with Renshou Sorinozuka and talking.  After they both head back to their rooms to take get changed or take a nap, etc.  When there is a knock on Ririchou’s door so she opens it and sees Soushi.  He asks her, “if she would like to eat breakfast?”  She replies back, “she’s already eaten.”  He becomes sad and starts sparkling again and sprouts stuff like you don’t need me then he gives her his sword.  Then we see Renshou coming from the elevator and asking what is Ririchou going to be doing next.  She says, “she would like to go shopping” which he asks if it would be okay to go with them since he has an errand to run”.

Also during this time we see Karuto eating and talking to Nobara who is enjoying watching her eat.  Nobara’s nose starts to bleed when she says, “how beautiful Karuto is”.

Then we Ririchou, Soushi and Renshou shopping and then finally Ririchou buys a cellphone.  Then she asks Renshou what did he need to buy and we see him holding a cake.  Ririchou says, “a cake?” which Renshou replies, “yes a cake”.  Then they head home when Nobara says, “Karuto hasn’t come home yet.”

Then we see Ririchou, Soushi and Renshou at a park and then they exchange cell phone numbers.  Then Renshou transforms into his demon self and floats off with Rirouch chasing after him.  When suddenly something happens and she is inside a wall which transforms at night until day.  Soushi transforms into his fox demon self to try to help from the outside and Renshou floats inside the wall and then floats to Ririchou and they have a conversation.  Ririchou changes into her demon self complete with a sword and chops the wall down the same time as Soushi and then he grabs her and hugs her.

All three head home when all of a sudden everyone says “Welcome” and we see food everywhere in the dining room.  Karuto aplogizes saying she is sorry she came home so late and this is her way of saying sorry while carrying a platter of chicken.  Ririchou starts saying something and starts walking away when everyone says that it’s for Soushi too.  Ririchou says okay.

Then we see Ririchou in her room after taking a shower looking out the window.  Then she is in bed thinking about how she can make it up to Soushi.  She jumps into bed and checks her cell and composes a e-mail.  She sends it but is worried she didn’t send but Soushi does read it.  He is on his computer and we he sees her message he starts smiling.  She thinks this is how I can pay him back.




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