Dani Harper Changeling Dawn Blog Tour with Guest Post and Giveaway

I am so excited to have Dani Harper here to talk about why werewolves make great heroes in a guest post here at Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews.

Dani is currrently touring to promote her newest release Changeling Dawn which features werewolves.

Thanks so much Dani for allowing me to join your blog tour with a Guest Post and Giveaway!

Thank you Dani for being here today to talk about why werewolves make great heroes, I greatly appreciate it!

Please take it away, Dani!

Why Werewolves Make Great Heroes

Hi, I’m Dani and I write about werewolves … or more correctly, Changelings, which is what my shapeshifters prefer to be called. By any name, there’s no doubt that werewolves have forced vampires to shove over and share the top spot for most sought-after leading men in PNR and UF today.

But what is it about werewolves that we love so much? For a straight-from-the-wolf’s-mouth answer, I brought along two of the characters of my new Changeling series, brothers Connor Macleod and James Macleod.

DANI – “We admire heroes for their strength, and werewolves are extremely powerful. Is that why readers are so attracted to them?”

CONNOR – “There’s no doubt that werewolves have muscle, but it takes a helluva lot more than that to impress a woman of any species. You have to ask what does it really mean to be strong?”

DANI – “I’d like to see that answered from a Changeling point of view. I imagine you have a dual perspective on the subject – both human and wolf.”

JAMES – “As a human, I think strength is synonymous with integrity. It comes from keeping your word if it kills you. Real strength is in making decisions and living with the results. And if the results are crappy, then you work like hell to change them.”

DANI – “So strength of character is important in a hero.”

CONNOR – “It’s more than important, it’s vital. Your readers might admire the hero’s good looks, but they’re going to lose interest if he hasn’t got any substance. Same with the heroine – there has to be a lot more to her than appearance.”

DANI – “I like what James said, that being strong means taking responsibility for your actions.”

JAMES – “It’s not always fun, I can tell you that.”

CONNOR – “It might even mean apologizing now and then.”

DANI – “So a hero needs a sensitive side too?”

JAMES – “Call it compassion. Or maybe fairness. Strength needs to be balanced with something like that. My wife, Jillian, could explain it a lot better than I can.”

CONNOR – “So could Zoey. And speaking of Jillian and Zoey, we should mention that real strength isn’t threatened by the strength of others.”

DANI – “So you’re saying strong men like strong women?”

CONNOR – “Let me tell you, there’s nothing sexier than a woman with a backbone.”

DANI – “So what about your wolfen side? Do you define strength differently when you’re on four feet?”

JAMES – “As a wolf, strength lies in allowing others to be strong too. It’s deeper than just working as a team – the pack is a powerful unit but every member is valued as an individual.”

CONNOR – “There’s a lot of encouragement and support. It often reminds me of a real wolf pack with cubs. Raising them is a group effort. Every wolf takes part in watching over and teaching the young, and they’re very patient about it.”

JAMES – “They’re not pushovers though. A strong wolf stands up for himself and also protects the pack. And he’ll defend his mate even at the cost of his life.”

CONNOR – “That’s the most basic and primal of instincts, human or wolf.”

JAMES – “There’s one other aspect we haven’t discussed, one that every Changeling is taught from birth: Real strength is controlled. You’re responsible for your strength and power and you can’t allow it to hurt the innocent. Ever.”

DANI – “So for a Changeling, being strong encompasses a whole range of attributes. And I think you two have proved my point today, that werewolves make darn good heroes.”

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Giveaway Rules

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