Anime Review: Inu X Boku SS Episode 1

The anime opens with Ririchou Shirakin a half-human, half demon high school girl who transferred to Room 4 of the Ayakashi Mansion in order to live alone.  Then we meet Renshou Sorinozuka An Ittan-momen demon with several tattoos on his tanned skin, he is the tennant of Room 3. He’s like a big brother to her and we learn they grew up together.

Ririchou finds her room but one of her boxes falls off the cart she is using to haul her stuff.  She goes to pick it up but it’s too heavy for her.  Then a wind starts blowing and petals start falling down and one happens to drop on Ririchou’s box.  Then someone picks up the box and she turns around and sees …. Soushi Miketsukami the assigned SS Agent to Ririchou and her servant, Soushi is a half-kitsune who Ririchou helped when she was little. They stare at each other and the screen turns white for a moment before changing back to them being in the Mansion.

They have a conversation where he tells her he is happy to be her servant and if she doesn’t want him to she should kill him.  He gives her his sword and then he says he only exists for her while sparkles are all around him, etc.

Then it’s daytime and Ririchou wakes up form a nightmare and starts dressing. She opens up the door and sees Soushi bowing to her.  He says she is beautiful and he didn’t know what time she would get up.  She asked him how long he was standing there.  He said he was there since six in the morning and he didn’t know when she would get up.  She told him he it’s winter and it’s cold. Then he tells her what’s for breakfast that morning and she starts getting upset telling him not to fuss over her.

Ririchou is sitting at a table when we are introduced to Karuta Roromiya the assigned SS Agent to Shoukin, a Gashadokuro (large skeleton) whose human form depicts her as a light brown haired teenage girl.  Then she leaves and Soushi comes over and bring Ririchou her food.  He says he would be happy to give her a tour of the Mansion.

They start their tour and he shows her the bath and the rooftop garden where she meets … Nobara Yukinokouji the assigned SS Agent to Renshou, Nobara is a Yuki-onna whose human form depicts her as a young woman wearing glasses. She likes girls and fashion so much so that, in her free time, she looks at adult magazines with beautiful women in them and shares them with Renshou.

Then it’s morning again and Ririchou wakes up from a nightmare again.  She gets dressed and opens the door when she sees Soushi again.  They go downstairs where she drinks some tea and remembers about her childhood.  Then they have a talk again when Soushi starts crying and saying he feels for her.

Then it’s nighttime again and Rirouchou is sitting on a bench and drying her hair.  When the lights go off and she thinks a blackout and turns around.  She is grabbed and thrown to the ground and a gun is shoved into her face.  We see a man and he demands that Rirouchi take him to her room and give him all her money.  He makes fun that he was able to get into the Mansion so easily.  Then he takes his hand off Rirouchou with this surprised look on his face.  Rirouchou eyes start glowing purple and her voice is different when she speaks.  She tells she’s not afraid of his kind, etc.!  He moves away while saying her eyes glow and is about to start shooting.  Her eyes stop glowing and she has a surprised look on her face.  The robber’s gun is gone and we see Soushi’s finger plugging up the gun while we see a bullet on the ground.  He apologizes for being late and then turns and says to the robber you dare to point your gun at Rirouchou.  He turns into his demon form spirit and then we see the others in their demon forms too.  They robber gets scared and grabs Karuta but she disappears and we see her clothes on ground.  He runs up the stairs when a big scary skeleton head is in front of him and then he runs away.

Then it’s morning again and Rurouchi is having breakfast with everyone and Soushi kisses her hand.  He makes a pledge to serve until the day she dies.


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